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BirdWatching is a new platform for women in graphic design, professional practice and career development. Our aim is to develop the field of graphic design as a platform for diversity and cultural democracy by offering a forum for discovery, growth and experimentation.

BirdWatching is a socially driven, international organisation and the only one of its kind. Its list of contributors includes practicing graphic designers that are passionate about design and live and work around the world. Our common aim is to connect, support and promote women in graphic design everywhere. We do this through concrete actions such as initiating dialogue, curating showcases and arranging participatory activities. We organise talks and events, highlight role models and reveal mentors, scout for new talent worldwide and create opportunities for collaboration, knowledge-transfers and recognition.

Spread the word, recommend a colleague, participate and be active. Join us now or just pop by for your daily dose of graphic inspiration!

About our name

Bird is English slang for woman. The Watching bit alludes to the visual design element of our profession but also borrows from and paraphrases organisations such as Human Rights Watch (or Neighbourhood Watch) and means that we are here to watch out for each other and our common interests – BirdWatching._

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Karin Aue
Mag Art  (University of Applied Arts Vienna), MA (CSM)
Senior Designer, Chemistry Singapore
Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, Karin moved on to live, study and work in Rotterdam, Berlin, London, Zurich and Tokyo. At the moment she is based in Singapore. Her work spans from classic graphic design, to various forms of visual storytelling with a strong interest in creating human centred, multifaceted experiences. Hence collaborations across different disciplines are at the core of her work. Prior to joining Chemistry, Karin has been working as designer for many internationally renowned companies such as IDEO, KesselsKramer and the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (O.M.A.). As a freelance illustrator she has been able to establish a wide range of international clients including NOKIA, HP, IDEO and the National University of Singapore to name just a few. Her love for design with a strong impact and a clear social component can also be seen in passion projects such as a for impact organisation empowering talented teenagers in developing countries through education.

“Being part of Birdwatching is a great inspiration for me on several levels – not only am I working in a very enthusiastic and highly motivated team of outstanding creatives. But I am an active part in the building of an international design community breaking down existing stereotypes and creating an nurturing network across the globe.”


Louise Bååth BA (Hons) (Camberwell College of Arts)
Art Director, King Island Design – Stockholm, Sweden

Louise Bååth is currently working as an Art Director. She holds a BA (Hons) degree from University of the Arts London, as well as Beckmans School of Design. Since 2006, she runs her own studio King Island Design – a Stockholm-based multidisciplinary design practice that produces magazines, books, websites and advertising. On consulting basis King Island Design develops ideas and concept for clients and creates through graphic design a dialogue between client, designer and audience. Through working with various NGOs, Louise has developed a special interest in communication and design as a tool for raising awareness and making the world a little bit more beautiful.

“Creating and being part of Birdwatching gives me great satisfaction and provides a platform from where my two foremost interests; communication and design can be combined, and work on a tool for raising awareness about gender equality and empowerment of women.”


Valeria Hedman
BA (Hons) & MA (Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design)
Creative Director, Transfer Studio – London, UK / Stockholm, Sweden

Originally from Stockholm, Valeria is founder of Graphic BirdWatching, Creative Director of London-born design agency Transfer Studio and a unique designer, producing exciting work for print, exhibitions, digital and anything else that will benefit from her distinctive graphic touch. Her work is widely published and acclaimed. She has been awarded by D&AD, invited to speak at the University of the Arts London and is found now and again tutoring at the Arts University College Bournemouth. In 2010, Valeria was nominated for ECCA Creative Enterprise Awards for her work on Graphic BirdWatching.

“I’m deeply humbled by the turnout and immensly honoured to have conceived and continue to be part of a project that enhances creativity around the world and impacts lives in a positive way, with people who challenge ideas all the time.”

Joana Niemeyer
Creative Director, April – London, UK

Joana Niemeyer was born in Germany and has been living in London for the past twelve years. She graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2005 with an MA in Communication Design. Joana curated exhibitions such as the badge show ‘Stuck on Me”, which was hosted at the Notting Hill Arts Club, London and the Galerie Walden, Berlin. Together with Lisa Sjukur she set up April, a multi-disciplinary design studio based in London. They have a reputation for creating innovative and effective branding and design for cultural and corporate clients. Both Lisa and Joana are visiting tutors at Portsmouth University and have given lectures in Bratislava and London.


Catherine Nippe MA (CSM)
Creative Director – London, UK

Catherine set up her practice in 2006, working from her London based Studio specialising in Graphic Design and Typography. She completed a Masters in Communication Design at Central Saint Martins, graduating in January 2005. Her fascination with and background in Typography informs her understanding of communication design as well as the outcome of her commissioned work. An understanding of the client’s general practice in relation to the wider themes as well as the objectives of each project is the main tool for developing relevant and engaging solution. Her practice caters for a range of projects across various scales and budgets including corporate identities, books, magazines and websites. Catherines work has won various awards and has been featured in publications, blogs and exhibitions including D&AD, Fifzine Magazine, Input Output, Young Blood, Kurzfilm Festival, and Onedotzero.


Caroline Beatrice Rismont
Creative Director – Berlin, Germany

After obtaining her Masters in Communication Design in 2005 at the College Central Saint Martins Caroline has worked as a Junior Art Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, Bucharest and as an Online Designer at Fork Unstable Media in Hamburg, where she also taught as a tutor at the College of Communication Arts and Interactive Media. In 2009 she moved to Berlin and set up her own studio. Because of her professional experience in online and offline advertising, she offers her clients a broad range of design products. Besides working in Graphic Design she is interested in the cross-linked relationship between society and technology and of individuals humanising technology and thereof creates and exhibits new media art installations.

“Having the chance to build up and form an international community network that deals with up-to-date political topics such as gender equality and empowering women. I am extremely proud and happy to be part of this strong and forward-looking young team, which is not afraid to take action and set a good example for all, not only for female graphic designer.”


Ann-Kristina Simon
Graphic Designer – Berlin, Germany

German born graphic designer Ann-Kristina Simon lives and works in Berlin and London. After graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2009 she worked for design magazine GRAFIK, service design company Think Public and for various freelance clients. She has a special interest in design research into social issues and ills, raising awareness and sparking debate. Since 2012 she is a partner at Berlin-based design studio Bold Futures.

“BirdWatching gives me the possibility to combine my passion for graphic design with my interest in gender related issues. As part of an enthusiastic team I feel we have the chance to change things on a small scale with the possibility of creating a real institution for (female) graphic designers worldwide.”

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