BirdWatching is a platform for female graphic designers everywhere. We work to make women in the profession visible, for talent to get noticed and to share and recognise each others work. We are a socially driven, young and brand new not-for-profit design organisation and we believe in being active as a community – we organise inspiring talks, presentations, events and workshops where we are able to get inspired, connect, discuss and share ideas with each other.

We are each volunteering our time and expertise because we believe this to be work of real value and importance. We have big plans and ideas for the future but need your help and support to make this happen. So we are primarily looking for help & collaborators for our teams in London, Berlin and Stockholm. Do you want to help out – or do you want to recommend someone to us? Get in touch.

We are particularly in need of support in the following areas:

Back-end development: Know your way around WordPress? We need you asap.

Copywriting: Are you good at writing copy? Contact us.

Promotion & PR: Do you know how to promote our organisation in the relevant mediums? Maybe you have great skills in blogging and social media? We also need people who know how to write up a fab press release and make it available to the press.

Funding: We are a not-for-profit organisation but need resources to be able to run our activities. Maybe you have great contacts that you want to share? Or even hands-on experience in setting up project proposals to get sponsorship and would like to give us a hand?

Legal: Do you know about setting up contracts or dealing with legal structures? We need you.

Please get in touch with us and submit your interest here.

Would you like to advertise on the site?

Founded in 2009 and growing ever since, BirdWatching offers a great way for advertisers to reach creative directors, typographers, art directors, editors, directors, illustrators, photographers, visual artists, entrepreneurs, writers and many more.

If you are looking to promote an exhibition, event or call for entries please submit it here.

Please contact us and ask for a copy of our ratecard. For more information about advertising on BirdWatching email us.

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